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Fairtility powers IVF through transparent artificial intelligence (AI) that may improve outcomes. Reduce the number of IVF cycles to live birth, minimize the emotional, physical and financial burden on prospective parents, and enable collaborative discussions between clinicians and patients. Welcome to the new frontier of IVF data.

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At Fairtility, we believe transparency is critical when AI intersects with human life. By following the principles of transparency in AI, Fairtility not only ensures accountability, fairness, and ethicality, but delivers unparalleled visibility to both clinicians and patients.


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CHLOE™ is the first and only transparent AI-based decision support system that provides IVF professionals with visibility into the clinical and laboratory parameters that make up data output. With unparalleled visibility into data capture and analysis, CHLOE™ supports IVF professionals with trustworthy and comprehensive AI decision support insights, aiming to augment the outcome of IVF care. Trained using millions of data points, including patient and embryo data, CHLOE Embryo Quality Assessment Assistant (CHLOE EQ) interprets subtle visual and developmental attributes that contribute to the understanding of the embryo potential for implantation.


The name Chloe has a Greek origin meaning “green sprouts” and represents blooming and fertility.


Blastocyst prediction accuracy of 96% and implantation prediction accuracy of 73%1


Provides IVF professionals and patients with visibility into the clinical and laboratory parameters data output to help improve IVF outcomes


Fully automated and accurate embryonic development stage annotations validated in clinical practice


Clinically validated on over 50,000 embryos with known outcomes from over a dozen clinics world wide

1 H.K. Yelke, G. Ozkara, B. Yuksel, Y. Kumtepe Colakoglu, M. Aygun, A. Brualla, I. Erlich, C. Hickman, S. Selimoglu, B. Okten, S. Kahraman. (2022) Simplifying the complexity of time-lapse decisions with AI: CHLOE (Fairtility) can automatically annotate morphokinetics and predict blastulation (at 30hpi), pregnancy and ongoing clinical pregnancy. ESHRE Annual Meeting, O-007

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Chloe turns the black box into a glass box. This is critical when AI intersects with human life.

Eran Eshed, Co-Founder & CEO
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