AI Academy

The AI Academy is for embryologists and clinicians passionate about transparent AI in IVF. The Academy is an educational resource dedicated to providing information on digitization, artificial intelligence (AI) and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and how these tools can positively influence your fertility practice. The Academy is a series of 20 minute presentations by authorities in the field who have researched and published on the clinical and embryology practice of ART as well as in foundational aspects of AI.

Introducing Our Academic Head: Dr. Gerard Letterie
We’ll look at AI and its impact on 3 elements of practice: clinical outcome, cycle management, and workflow improvement. Read more→
AI Academy Panel at ESHRE
Fairtility is excited to announce the launch of AI Academy at ESHRE 2022 with Gerard Letterie, MD as the AIA academic head. Watch Now →
AI, the new frontier: Everything you need to know​
To kick off the AI Academy, Dr. Rappoport introduces the concept of machine learning. Scheduled for September 6 Watch now →
Critical Reading of AI Studies
Dr. Ben-Meir works through frameworks for evaluating publications on AI. Watch now→
Precision Medicine and AI: what we’ve learned and how it can impact ART
Dr. Hajirasouliha explores the role of precision medicine and AI in ART. Watch today →
Artificial Intelligence in ART: Separating Facts from Fiction
Dr. Medrano explores the role of AI in IVF. Watch now→
Utilizing AI in Sample Identification Assurance
Dr. Large PhD, CooperSurgical explores the role of AI and witnessing in the IVF embryology lab and how it can reduce human error. Watch now→
Smartphone apps, wearables, and ART: Meeting patient expectations
Dr. Hariton explores the role of smartphone apps and wearable devices in the IVF patient journey Watch now →
Machine Learning for Sperm Selection
Dr. Sinton explores the role of AI in sperm selection Watch now →
AI and smart phone enabled tools for mental health in fertility patients
Dr. Domar explores the role of smartphone apps in the IVF patient journey Watch now →
The Future of AI in the Lab – Leveraging the Power of the EMR
Dr. Schenkman explores the role of AI and the EMR in the IVF lab Watch now →
Three ways of knowing: expertise, evidence and AI as a path to best outcomes
Dr. Letterie explores the ways of improving IVF treatment outcome. Watch now →
Machine Learning for Initial FSH Prediction
Dr. Vassena explores the role of machine learning in ovarian stimulation. Watch now →
Integration of AI tools into the workflow of the embryology lab
Dr. Meseguer explores the integration of AI tools into the workflow of the embryology lab. Watch now →
AI: Image analytics in the lab: game changer or ineffective add-on?
Dr. Zaninovic explores the usefulness of AI image analytics in the lab. Watch now →