Three ways of knowing: expertise, evidence and AI as a path to best outcomes

Gerard Letterie, MD, FACOG FACP

In this presentation, Dr. Gerard Letterie discusses changing philosophies about we reduce uncertainty and improve outcomes of the IVF treatment. He touches clinical expertise, evidence-based medicine and artificial intelligence in assisted reproductive technologies.

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Gerard Letterie, MD, FACOG FACP


Gerard Letterie MD FACOG FACP is a reproductive endocrinologist, partner at Seattle Reproductive Medicine, Seattle, Washington and co-founder of Quick Step Analytics LLC. He completed his training in obstetrics and gynecology at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC and a fellowship in REI at NIH. He has served on educational committees within his subspecialty and specialty of obstetrics and gynecology. He is a reviewer for journals including F/S, JARG and RBMO among others. He is the author of publications on the topics of clinical care, medical liability and artificial intelligence in peer-reviewed journals including abstracts, reviews, several editorials and Op Ed’s.