Your AI assistant in the IVF lab.

Fairtility™ is on a mission to transform IVF into a transparent process, delivering unparalleled visibility to both IVF professionals and patients with CHLOE™ (Cultivating Human Life through Optimal Embryos). CHLOE™ is the first and only transparent AI-based decision support tool. CHLOE™ provides clinicians and prospective parents with visibility into the clinical and laboratory data to help improve IVF outcomes.

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Fairtility’s AI-Powered Embryo Quality Assessment Assistant.

Creating a fully digitized workflow in the lab for embryo selection

Speed up and increase the accuracy of your clinical workflow

Transparent and comprehensible AI-based embryo assessment

Objective and standardized assessment

33 percent less time on mundane admin work

Automated and accurate data entry

  • Eliminate manual entry
  • Reduce human error
  • Increase the number of cycles per embryologist
  • Reduce staff burnout

Secure remote access for off-site clinicians and embryologists

Fully secure access for remote patient monitoring

AI you can see.

Using millions of data points including patient and embryo data CHLOE Embryo Quality Assessment Assistant (CHLOE EQ) interprets subtle visual and developmental attributes that contribute to the understanding of the embryo potential for implantation.


Blastocyst prediction accuracy of 96% and 73% prediction accuracy for implantation prediction2


Provides clinicians and patients with visibility into the clinical and laboratory parameters that make up data output to help improve IVF outcomes


Fully automated developmental-stage annotations


Multiple embryo transfer pregnancy prediction

1 In company file 

2 H.K. Yelke,1, G. Ozkara2, B. Yuksel3, Y. Kumtepe Colakoglu2, M. Aygun3, A. Brualla4, I. Erlich4, C. Hickman4, S. Selimoglu3, B. Okten3, S. Kahraman3. (2022) Simplifying the complexity of time-lapse decisions with AI: CHLOE (Fairtility) can automatically annotate morphokinetics and predict blastulation (at 30hpi), pregnancy and ongoing clinical pregnancy. ESHRE Annual Meeting, O-007

Chloe explains the biological parameters that contributed to the final outputs because transparency is comprehensibility.

The importance of transparent AI ↗

Chloe equips clinicians with the power of AI to work better and faster and make the most informed decisions for their patients.

Working with Chloe has been tremendously inspiring as we get to see the underlying biology that helps us understand which embryo should be prioritized for transfer. The ability to grade embryos and populate data in the EMR, automatically, saves precious time for our embryologists.”

Eros Nikitos, Lab Director at Institute of Life – IASO Maternity Hospital, Athens, Greece

We’re proud to work with Fairtility to provide our patients a revolutionary level of insight. Not only is the technology incredibly impressive, the Fairtility team also know how to work with clinics such as ours to provide solutions which really enhance the patient experience. We’re delighted that patients can now track their embryo’s development step by step.

Jonathon Lawrence CEO, CRGH

At IVF LONDON we love Chloe EQ™ as it enables us to share information with our patients which allows them to follow the development of their embryos in real time, be more informed and have meaningful conversations with our care team in the clinic

Alpesh Doshi, Consultant Embryologist and Founder at IVF London

As a clinic we are always looking to adopt new technologies that make us better. Chloe fits this description perfectly, because it helped us to improve in many ways. We have been able to optimize our processes, ensure our results and, in addition, it has also allowed us to gain transparency in the face of patients, who are also more aware of what happens in our labs, and have also received a new added value during their treatment thanks to the access to the viewer.

Adriano Carbone, CEO Next Fertility Spain

At NextFertility Murcia, we use CHLOE to help us select the embryos to be transferred in an objective way.  Through CHLOE we can send patients a link that allows them to follow the development of their embryos and thus, be more informed.

Emilio Gomez Sanches, IVF Lab Manager at Next Fertility Murcia

We believe that the way to improve the IVF process for the lab/clinic and for our patients is by adopting the newest technologies that are available today, like the AI decision support tools.

That’s why we’re proud to bring CHLOE EQ™ to HSFC as part of our advanced offerings.

Samantha Knight, Lab Director, HSFC