Fairtility Executives to Play Key Role at First “AI Fertility World Conference,” Furthering Realization of Goal to Improve IVF Through AI for Patients and Clinicians

TEL AVIV – September 15, 2022 — Fairtility, the transparent AI innovator powering in vitro fertilization (IVF) for improved outcomes, announced today its participation at the world’s first AI Fertility Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 15-18, furthering its commitment to supporting, educating and advancing AI in IVF to the IVF community at large. 

Fairtility is sponsoring and presenting at the inaugural event, alongside leading changemakers in the fertility space. Attendees are in the vanguard of IVF innovation, spearheading the transition to increased automation and AI-driven decision making in the field, which is poised to become the new standard of care in the industry.

“When a company attempts to pioneer a more transparent and reliable approach to IVF, it must also take upon itself a responsibility for advancement of ideas and concepts. We don’t expect Fairtility alone, to fulfill the immense potential of AI-powered IVF, so we have dedicated significant resources towards industry education, said Eran Eshed, CEO and Co-Founder of Fairtility. “Clinicians are overburdened with intense decision-making, and patients endure emotionally draining treatment cycles to become parents. We must all work together to introduce and educate our industry peers on new technologies that offer unique potential to improve outcomes.” 

Fairtility’s leading IVF experts, Dr. Assaf Ben-Meir, CMO and Co-Founder, Dr. Cristina Hickman, VP Clinical Affairs, and Dr. Gerard Letterie, Academic Head of Fairtility’s AI Academy, will offer insight on AI’s role in fertility care based on decades of experience, from the lab to the delivery room.

“I meet patients almost daily yearning to become parents and placing their trust in IVF professionals to help them realize their dreams,” said Dr. Ben Meir. “AI offers such potential and opportunity to be the difference-maker in IVF treatment. This conference is an exceptional platform for educating our colleagues about what we’ve learned regarding the various applications of AI throughout the IVF process, as well as what we believe to be possible in the future.” 

The AI Fertility Conference concentrates on the research and technological advances AI offers in the field of IVF, providing the fertility community an opportunity to learn about the impact and future potential of AI in fertility care. 

Fairtility’s executives, as well as Dr. Letterie, will deliver three presentations:

  • Dr. Cristina Hickman: How to Assess AI: Is RCT the Only Way to Assess AI?
  • Dr. Assaf Ben- Meir: The “Iceberg Effect” of AI Papers: How to Uncover What We Don’t See
  • Dr. Gerard Letterie: Ovarian Stimulation and IVF Workflow

“AI can evolve the IVF field and answer many of the pain points practitioners face, chief among them, the burnout from being overburdened and understaffed. There are simply too few embryologists to meet the needs of all the patients who need our support,” said Dr. Hickman. “A recent report proclaimed 52 percent of IVF practitioners have reported significant overwhelm and burnout due to demanding workloads. Widespread adoption of AI in the field of IVF stands to mitigate the personal challenges IVF professionals endure by streamlining some of the most arduous aspects within the embryology lab through AI.”

About Fairtility 

Fairtility is powering in vitro fertilization (IVF) through transparent AI to improve outcomes. Equipping clinicians and their patients with unparalleled visibility into IVF treatment, CHLOE™ (Cultivating Human Life through Optimal Embryos) is the first and only transparent AI-based decision support tool that provides clinicians with complete visibility into the clinical and laboratory parameters that make up data output to help improve IVF outcomes. Beginning with CHLOE EQ™, a proprietary embryo grading platform, Fairtility is on a path to expand CHLOE™’s application to span the full IVF journey – from infertility cause assessment through transfer optimization. To learn more about Fairtility™ or schedule a demo, visit our website and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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