Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use CHLOE?

Chloe is an AI assistant for IVF clinicians. Embryologists, REIs, nurses, and anyone else involved in the clinical care coordination may benefit from using Chloe.

How do I know if CHLOE is right for me?

Book a demo with our team to discover how CHLOE can benefit your clinic and lab.

What makes Fairtility’s technology unique?

Chloe is built on a foundation of 3 critical facets of innovation: state of the art computer vision, robust user and product understanding, and clinical need and viability. These three facets culminate to provide value directly in the clinical workflow.

How does CHLOE integrate with my EMR system?

Chloe has a vendor neutral approach, offering an end-to-end solution with both the AI algorithms and back-end orchestration. Chloe seamlessly integrates with your EMR system, and there will be no redundancy in work for you.

How does CHLOE integrate with my time lapse system?

Chloe is cloud based and can be installed and updated remotely. Chloe will automatically pull the videos collected by your time lapse system and then feed its outputs into your EMR system.

What regulatory approvals does CHLOE have?

Chloe has a CE mark as a decision support tool.

What type of research has been performed on CHLOE?

Clinical research has been performed spanning across a broad spectrum of institutions worldwide varying in size and population diversity. Research conducted has quantified the positive clinical and workflow outcomes from the addition of Chloe. This research has been published and presented at various conferences.

How can I trust AI?

First, make sure the AI you’re interested in is evidence-based (e.g. has peer-reviewed studies that support its claims) and has been validated in clinical settings with a diverse dataset. Educate yourself on how to read a publication about AI, such as reviewing the soundness of the methodology, evaluating the endpoints and conclusions, etc. Assess if the product or manufacturer follows latest guidelines, such as Good Machine Learning Practices. Finally, see if you can understand how the AI reached its conclusion or recommendation – is it explainable?

To learn more, read about transparent AI here.

Are Fairtility solutions GDPR and HIPAA compliant?

Yes, patient privacy is protected as our solutions are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. AI processing is performed on de-identified studies.

Fairtility is on a mission to transform IVF into a transparent process, delivering unparalleled visibility to both clinicians and patients. Chloe is the first and only transparent AI-based decision support tool that provides unparalleled visibility to help improve IVF outcomes, while also supporting embryologists augment clinical decision-making and enabling more personalized treatments. With the goal of achieving consistently higher positive outcomes, Fairtility plans to expand its proprietary embryo grading platform to span the full IVF journey.

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