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Video: Bringing transparency to oocyte assessment ¦ ESHRE 2023, Copenhagen

14 September 2023

The importance of including confounders when building artificial intelligence-based support tools to quantify oocyte viability. By Dr. Cristina Hickman, Chief Clinical Officer, Fairtility

Fairtility Abstract Book (Feb’23)

22 June 2023

ABSTRACT: Harley Street Fertility Clinic: Multi-centre assessment of the efficacy of CHLOE-EQ (Fairtility) in automatically assessing zygotes on Day 1

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: CRGW: Using Artificial Intelligence to automatically annotate time-lapse videos: saving precious embryology time

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: Fertility 2023: Lean management in the IVF clinic: using technology to eliminate wasted time in IVF lab process whilst maximizing value to patients

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: King’s Fertility: Validating CHLOE-EQ as a tool to support embryo assessment automatically

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: CRGH: CHLOE-EQ Score: a novel biomarker of embryo viability

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: Using technology to enhance embryologist quality of life, reduce stress and improve standards of care 

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: Reproferty Abstract Multicenter: Multicentre validation of CHLOE-EQ: An embryo assessment assistant based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

30 November 2022

ABSTRACT: Reproferty Abstract 44: Identifying the optimal morphokinetic range for euploid embryos using CHLOE-EQ, an AI-based embryology assistant

30 November 2022

Latest News

Israeli algorithm could help improve chances of IVF success

12 September 2023

This Israeli-made AI algorithm can help improve the chance of pregnancy in IVF by automatically analyzing embryos.

Study shows CHLOE AI’s role in advancing reproductive health research

12 September 2023

Researchers can use Fairtility’s AI tool to further their understanding of embryo and oocyte development

Advancing The Way to Better IVF Outcomes

22 August 2023

Fairtility has developed an AI-based decision support system, which is able to predict an embryo’s viability.

New AI Fertility Tool Optimizes Reproductive Potential

27 June 2023

An Israeli startup that uses AI to improve in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles has announced a new tool to help women understand the reproductive potential of her oocytes, the cells in her ovaries that may turn into eggs.

Fairtility Launches CHLOE OQ, A New AI-Powered Fertility Preservation Offer

26 June 2023

Israeli fertility company Fairtility has announced the launch of CHLOE OQ, a tool aimed at fertility preservation, at the 39th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Copenhagen today.

Fairtility unveils CHLOE OQ™ expanding its offering into fertility preservation

23 June 2023

CHLOE OQ™ secures CE, empowering embryologists and patients with oocyte quality insights for egg freezing, egg donation and IVF applications

Israeli AI tool aiding IVF patients in London clinics

15 June 2023

The technology is helping clinicians determine the likelihood of an embryo becoming a viable pregnancy

AI in Healthcare News and Updates

14 June 2023

Esco Medical Selects Fairtility’s CHLOE EQ™ as AI Decision Support Tool for MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubators

AI Made in Israel Helping Europeans Conceive via IVF

8 June 2023

Israeli-developed artificial intelligence that works to improve in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is now being used across five European countries.

Fairtility expands European market penetration, as clinics embrace breakthrough AI technology in IVF

8 June 2023

One year following CE MDR clearance, Fairtility has emerged as the AI decision support platform of choice in European fertility practice