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ABSTRACT: Harley Street Fertility Clinic: Multi-centre assessment of the efficacy of CHLOE-EQ (Fairtility) in automatically assessing zygotes on Day 1

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: CRGW: Using Artificial Intelligence to automatically annotate time-lapse videos: saving precious embryology time

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: Fertility 2023: Lean management in the IVF clinic: using technology to eliminate wasted time in IVF lab process whilst maximizing value to patients

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: King’s Fertility: Validating CHLOE-EQ as a tool to support embryo assessment automatically

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: CRGH: CHLOE-EQ Score: a novel biomarker of embryo viability

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: Using technology to enhance embryologist quality of life, reduce stress and improve standards of care 

29 January 2023

ABSTRACT: Reproferty Abstract Multicenter: Multicentre validation of CHLOE-EQ: An embryo assessment assistant based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

30 November 2022

ABSTRACT: Reproferty Abstract 44: Identifying the optimal morphokinetic range for euploid embryos using CHLOE-EQ, an AI-based embryology assistant

30 November 2022

How slow is too slow? A comprehensive portrait of Day 7 blastocysts and their clinical value standardized through artificial intelligence

30 May 2022

Pseudo contrastive labeling for predicting IVF embryo developmental potential

15 February 2022

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The Potential of AI in IVF Care: A Fertility Nurse’s Perspective

29 May 2023

Fertility nursing presents unique challenges due to the specialized nature of fertility care, including emotional and psychological issues related to infertility, loss, grief, and the complexities both of the fertility treatments themselves, and the diagnoses that patients may face.

Esco Medical Selects Fairtility’s CHLOE EQ as AI Decision Support Tool for MIRI Time-Lapse Incubators

17 May 2023

Strategic Collaboration Deal Powers MIRI Time-Lapse Incubators with CHLOE EQ’s Explainable AI, Improving Standard of Care Over Non-TLI Workflows

Fairtility wins Women’s Health Innovation Award at MedTech Breakthrough Awards

17 May 2023

Prestigious international annual awards programme recognizes CHLOE EQ for bringing transparency to IVF process

TEOL – Robot termékenyítette meg egy PlayStation 5-ös kontrollerrel: két kislány született

5 May 2023

Mi a legmenőbb dolog, amit valaha is csináltak a Sony PlayStation 5 kontrollerével?

Could an algorithm boost your fertility?

22 April 2023

Demand for IVF has never been higher, but success has plateaued. Now, an unlikely party—big-data analysts— believe AI algorithms could fast-track the process.

Next Fertility se expande por Andalucía con la apertura de una nueva clínica en Huelva

19 April 2023

Esta apertura se encamina a mejorar la accesibilidad de los pacientes a los tratamientos de fertilidad ante el incremento de la demanda en la zona occidental de Andalucía.

The Center for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) Selects Fairtility’s CHLOE EQ™

18 April 2023

CRGH Insight Utilizes Fairtility’s Explainable AI for Embryo Quality Analysis, Offering Transparency to IVF Professionals and Patients

Scaling Up IVF: How to Increase ROI and Build a (Re)productive IVF Business

6 April 2023

By investing in the value chain of IVF with the right AI solutions, investors can solve the access problem growing in the IVF space, help more people build their families, and achieve significant ROI.


2 March 2023

What do automotive technology and fertility management have in common? As unlikely as this pairing sounds, they both benefit from the power of artificial intelligence.

7 Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing Fertility

1 March 2023

These technologies are a beacon of hope for those who want to start their families.