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Reproferty Abstract Multicenter

30 November 2022

Reproferty Abstract44

30 November 2022

#ESHRE22 is next week! We’ll be presenting 5 orals and 7 posters – don’t miss out! 

9 June 2022

How slow is too slow? A comprehensive portrait of Day 7 blastocysts and their clinical value standardized through artificial intelligence

30 May 2022

Elucidation of blastocyst collapse and its consequences generated by artificial intelligence: A comprehensive analysis of 1943 embryos from 643 couples #ESHRE2022

27 May 2022

Artificial intelligence system detects “goldilocks” morphokinetic zone for embryos transferred or frozen in time-lapse videos  #ESHRE2022

29 April 2022

An analysis of qualitative and quantitative morphokinetic parameters automatically annotated using CHLOE (Fairtility), an AI-based tool, finds AI score predictive of blastulation and ploidy #ESHRE2022

29 April 2022

Impact of Direct Unequal Cleavage (DUC) on embryo development, blastocyst formation and ploidy – artificial intelligence (AI) analysis #ESHRE2022

29 April 2022

FMEA analysis of an automatic integration of time-lapse incubators into electronic medical records using CHLOE(Fairtility) shows risk reduction through automation of data capture and processing  #ESHRE2022

29 April 2022

Can AI be used as a tool in the evaluation of the risk of pregnancy loss after euploid single embryo transfer? #ESHRE2022

29 April 2022

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Transparent AI: Clearing the path to improved IVF outcomes

29 September 2022

AI bridges the gap of human error and maximizes the potential success rates of IVF. AI’s ability to analyze big data paves the way for improving IVF outcomes and the development of evidence-based parameters that establish a consistent standard of care.

Fairtility Executives to Play Key Role at First “AI Fertility World Conference,” Furthering Realization of Goal to Improve IVF Through AI for Patients and Clinicians

15 September 2022

Fairtility Launches AI Academy to Demystify Use of Artificial Intelligence in Fertility Care

27 July 2022

AiThority Interview with Eran Eshed, CEO and Co-Founder at Fairtility

12 July 2022

Fairtility obtains CE Mark for AI decision support tool

6 July 2022

Fairtility welcomes EU approval for embryo assessment AI

6 July 2022

Fairtility to give presentations at the ESHRE 2022 meeting in Milan

29 June 2022

AI IVF Co Fairtility Raises $15m To Improve Pregnancy Rates

23 May 2022

Fortune Term Sheet Venture Deals

23 May 2022

Gurnet Point Capital Leads $15 Million Series A Funding for Fairtility

23 May 2022