Its about time to elevate
your egg assessment capabilities

Egg freezing today is not an insurance policy that can guarantee a baby in the future. Clinics have a responsibility to ensure anyone using fertility services understand the optimum age for freezing, the success rates as well as the risks.”

Clare Ettinghausen, Director of strategy and corporate affairs at the Human Fertilization & Embryology Authority (HFEA)

for Oocyte

AI that quantifies oocyte potential.2

Trained3 on >62,000 oocytes.

2 Real world data demonstrates 22% improvement over random potential for prediction of blastulation.
3 Trained on post ICSI oocytes, validated on pre and post ICSI oocytes.


CHLOE OQ™ is predictive of an egg’s chance to form a blastocyst4,*

CHLOE OQ™ allows you to:

Assess eggs within
safety of the

Capture images automatically saving you time

Mitigate human mix-up errors with secure

Enable personalized family planning for your patients

Adding CHLOE OQ to your workflow:

Hear from our experts

Dr Cristina Hickman,
Chief Clinical Officer
at Fairtility

“Assessing an oocyte quality has remained a statistical gamble.”

“CHLOE OQ helps us fill the critical gap, providing evidence-based viability predictions for the evaluation of oocytes.”

Hear from our expert

Dr Laura Rienzi,
Director of the Scientific Executive Committee of GeneraLife, Associate Professor @University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, Italy

“All the technology that we have over the morphology now, and all these instrumentation – are not understandable, are not really validated. ”

“The fantasy in the lab – [to have] something that is easy, friendly for embriologists, really changing our life.”

Its about time. . .
for your clinic to upgrade!

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Fairtility unveils CHLOE OQ™ expanding its offering into fertility preservation – FemTech World
CHLOE OQ brings the power of AI to oocyte assessment, replacing generalized decision-making with personalised, data-driven AI analysis that reveals the potential of each oocyte backed by biological data.

Fairtility Launches CHLOE OQ, A New AI-Powered Fertility Preservation Offer (
CHLOE OQ, which has also received CE certification, now brings AI-powered assessment to oocyte evaluation, replacing subjective decision-making with personalized, data-driven analysis. It stands to enhance decision-making across three key areas: egg freezing, egg donation, and IVF treatment.

New AI Fertility Tool Optimizes Reproductive Potential (
Oocyte potential prediction for reaching blastulation and pregnancy commonly relies on statistical methods based on a woman’s age. Embryologists analyze oocyte quality based on oocyte maturity and characteristics including size, texture, shape, discoloration and fragmentation. These factors have proven to be subjective and lack correlation with the actual quality of the egg, according to ESHRE.